KDMC Property Tax: Know How to Pay Online Tax, Bills and More

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The full form of KDM is Kalyan Dombivli Municipal, and the KDMC is a local authority that looks after the cities of Kalyan and Dombivli. It is responsible for garbage collection, parks, libraries, and much more. The municipality also handles property tax payment-related issues, such as how much to pay each year or how many properties can be claimed under tax rebate schemes offered by KDMC authorities. This article will help you understand how to pay property tax dues online through your online portal account so that it gets processed instantly by your bank or any other financial institution, allowing you to receive your refund amount quickly without any hassle.

How to Check the Pending KDMC Property tax bill online?

The Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) is the body that administers local government in the region. The KDMC property tax is known as Municipal Property Tax, and it's charged based on the valuation of land and buildings, which in turn depends on how much you own.

Step 1:- Visit the official website of KDMC. Find the option for ‘Bill Type’ on the right side of the homepage under ‘Quick Payment’ section. Click on it pending KDMC Property tax.


Step 2:- Choose ‘Property Bill’ from the dropdown and click ‘Proceed’. You will be redirected to a new page

Step 3:-On this new page, find two empty tabs with options for entering Property No and Old Property No. Enter the respective number to identify your property and click the search button. Get the details of the pending KDMC property tax.

To pay your KDMC property tax, you need to visit their website or call them at (022) 241 1020

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How to pay KDMC Property Tax Online?

Follow this guide if you want to pay the KDMC Property tax online.

Step 1: Go to the official website of KDMC (https://kdmc.gov.in ).

Step 2: Click on the "Pay Online" button at the top left corner of your screen and fill in all required details like PAN number, password, etc., then click on the "Next" button after filling in all these details.

Step 3: Now enter your desired payment mode as per your convenience by selecting one from the drop-down list given below and then click on the "Proceed" button present at the bottom right corner of the page for processing your KDMC property tax online payment through Net banking/credit card/Debit card etc.

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How to download the receipt after the KDMC Property tax payment?

To download the receipt after the KDMC Property tax payment, you need to follow these steps:

● Go to the official KDMC website.

● Click on the 'Pay Property Tax link.

● Enter your details and choose your payment mode by clicking on either online banking or debit card (if you have one). It will take some time to reflect on the screen, so don't leave this step until all is done.

Once done with this step, pay for your property taxes by following the instructions given on each screen:

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KDMC Property Tax Rebate and Concession

KDMC Property tax rebate: A person who has paid their KDMC property tax in the last 12 months can get a relief of 50% from the total amount. The application for this concession must be made through either Form R-1 or Form R-2 as per your requirement (you will give the application form). You must submit proof of payment of your property tax and an affidavit stating that you have paid your property taxes by April 1st, 2019, or later than that date.

How do citizen login into KDMC?

To log in to KDMC's citizen portal, you need to visit the official website of KDMC and click on the link 'Citizen Login.' Then, enter your CID number and password and click on the Login button.

KDMC water bill online: How to pay?

To pay the KDMC water bill online, you will have to follow these steps to the KDMC property tax view bill: 

● Go to https://www.kdmcwaterbill.org/ and click on 'Pay Your Bill Online.'

● Enter your name, DOB, and email address to log into the site.

● Then select 'Payment Mode' at your convenience (Cash/Credit Card). If you want payment in cash, click on that option or enter your credit card details 1st before clicking on anything. 

Depending upon what type of payment method is used by KDMC Water Department for making payments towards their bills through various banks located in nearby cities like Mumbai & Thane etc., where residents usually reside within its jurisdiction area, i.e., Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation Area (KDMC) which covers almost entire suburbs surrounding vicinity area Palghar district limits including areas such as Navi Mumbai city itself too along with adjoining townships connected directly with roadways connecting it further away than 30 kilometers distance from here; thus making easier access possible between any two points within just a few minutes driving time without worrying about traffic jams caused due lack enough space available around them due construction works being done under progress right now!

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This article helped you to know the KDMC Property tax bill, payment, and services offered by the public body. You can pay your property tax by following these steps:

● Log into the KDMC portal

● Click on "Property Tax" in the dashboard menu

● Enter your details and click on submit button to get an online property tax receipt for online payment within 24 hours.

● If you want to download the receipt after submitting property tax online, click on the "Download" option available in the top right corner of your receipt page.

Q. What are the services offered by KDMC apart from Property tax?

KDMC also offers many other services apart from Property tax. These include:

● Water bill payment

● Citizen login with kdmc.in, kalyan-dombivli.gov.in and dombivlionline.com

● Property Tax Rebate & Concession

Q. Can a citizen create an ID in this official KDMC portal?

If you want to create an ID, you need to click on the link provided in the KDMC portal. You must provide your name, address, and other details. After completing this process, you will receive a password for accessing your account, which can be used whenever required by you or any other person who needs access to your account.

Q. By what methods do you pay the KDMC property tax?

● You can pay your property tax in the following ways:

● By cash at counters.

● By cheque.

● Online payment through ePayment Gateway.

● Mobile wallet like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc., which allows you to transfer money by scanning a QR code on your phone screen and then using that payment method to pay your tax amount (in case you have linked it with your PAN card). If this option is available for you, then use it! You'll get an alert when your transaction has been processed successfully, and you will receive an SMS or email confirmation once it's done.

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An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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