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Frequently asked questions - General Queries

Q: I want to know what HonestBroker.in is about?

We are India’s fast-growing real-estate chain where buyers, sellers, brokers, and other real estate stakeholders get connected via a single platform.


Q: Why should I choose HonestBroker.in?

There are plenty of ways we serve our clients in real estate.

  1. We are committed to our clients providing them fair deals in a timely manner via means of our services under our honest practices.

  2. We are a chain of experienced and certified brokers from your area who are aligned to provide you with the best deals.

  3. We are the fastest-growing chain at the PAN-India level.

  4. We are committed to bringing a hassle-free property dealing experience with the lowest charges in the best possible way.


Q: In which cities do you offer your services?

We offer our services in almost all cities of India. We are working at the PAN-India level, so you can get our associated members in almost every city and every location in India.


Q: What kind of properties are listed on HonestBroker Platform?

We have almost all of the range of properties listed on our platform like -

  1.  Residential,

  2.  Commercial,

  3.  Land,

  4.  Industrial and Agricultural.


Q: How can I post property on HonestBroker.in for sell, buy or rent/lease?

It's a very simple process. We have an option on the header of our platform i.e  “Post Property '' to post a property for sell/buy/rent/lease.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle-free listing experience.

  1. Click on the PostProperty link on the site or directly go to the following link: https://www.honestbroker.in/post-property

  2. You can enter the details of the property that you want to Sell or Rent

  3. Once you submit the property, it goes for screening.

  4. Properties that are complete with all the details will get screened faster and will be live on the site.

  5. Properties that miss information is kept on hold until the required details are available and in just a few steps you're done with the Listing process.

Our motto is to provide you with the best possible genuine deal at a fair price. We are known for our services and pricing. Be assured and post your property with matching market price and correct inputs.


Q: What information is required to register as a Broker on the HonestBroker platform?

Simply put, a set of general information regarding your contact information and dealership details is required to register on the HonestBroker platform. You can fill in the details below and get registered as a broker.

  1. Agent name,

  2. Dealership Location,

  3. Brokerage details,

  4. Your contact details such as e-mail ID(s) and mobile number(s).


Q: What is the registration process for Brokers?

It’s very simple to register yourself. You just need to click on the link given below. (https://www.honestbroker.in/agent/register) and fill in the required details.


Q: What is the eligibility criteria for being an associated broker?

Brokers should have a minimum experience of 2 years and a good reputation in the real estate market as a broker. And he/she should have good knowledge of his/her area like real estate trends, future prospects, development history, etc.

 After filling in all the details, the HonestBroker team will review the broker’s profile and once the review is successfully approved, the broker will become an associated HonestBroker.


Q: How much does it cost to register as a broker?

It's free of cost. All services provided by our platform come at zero cost for standard use. However, it is of utmost importance that brokers adhere to honest work practices to continue using our services


Q: I am a real estate broker. How can HonestBroker.in help me to grow my business?

You can expand your business through the leads provided by HonestBroker. A widened horizon in real estate with an online profile will increase the possibility of your growth as a real estate broker.


Q: How soon will I receive a response from your side after posting my requirements?

After posting your property, you will get a response within 24 hours from our side.


Q: How to retrieve my password in case I forgot my password?

Please use “Forget Password” from the sign-in page and after the verification process, the system will allow you to change your password.


Q: What are the common guidelines for a good property post?

A property listing can be called good if it is precious and can convey all the important information to interested customers. A good property listing should contain detailed and accurate information about the property and should not contain irrelevant or exaggerated information. Buyers should be able to visualize the property by reading the information. Consider the following aspects while posting your property:

  1. Correct and accurate information like - availability, specifications, and pricing with breakup details.

  2. The description should contain all details that could not be captured in the form of future prospects, the history of the property, additional amenities, etc.

  3. Correct location

  4. High-quality pictures.

  5. If any of the information changes, the same should be immediately updated to keep it relevant.