HonestBroker | FAQ for Honest-Broker's Portal


What information is needed to register on HonestBroker ?

It is simple, a set of general information regarding your contact information & Posting details are required to register on HonestBroker Platform. We simply ask you to provide information about your contact Like

  • Your name and company's name along with address
  • Your contact details such as e-mail ID(s) and mobile number(s)
  • Your profile such as Agency Location, Work Location
  • Your Services

And in just a few steps you're done with the registration process.

How can I list my property on HonestBroker for sell or to rent?

1st you need to register on HonestBroker and once you complete the registration process, listing your properties is simple.

Follow the below mentioned steps for a hassle-free listing experience.
  1. Click on the List Property link on the site
  2. You can enter the details of the property that you want to Sell or Rent
  3. Once you submit the properties, it goes for screening
  4. Properties which are complete in all details get screened faster and will be live on the site
  5. Properties which miss information are kept on hold till the required details are available And in just a few steps you're done with the Listing process
What is a Premium property listing and How can I increase visibility of my Property?

There is no Premium Listing, the system is designed to provide you the best Properties matching your needs by Top & reliable Brokers shall show you on top. Our motto is to provide you with the best possible genuine deal at a fair price. We are known for our services and pricing. Be assured and post your property with matching market price and correct inputs. A good property listing is a must-have factor to gain leads successfully. A good property listing is able to satisfy buyers in all respects because it contains detailed and accurate information of the property which is listed for Sale or Rent. Buyers should be able to visualize the property by reading the information. In it all, good listing is a complete parameter that would include:

  • Suitable title to a property while describing its unique selling points (USP)
  • Correct and accurate information would include property details like - Availability - Specification - Price with details of all costs - Description including things that were not captured in the form - Location on the map - High Quality pictures and their tagging
  • If any of the information regarding the property changes, the same should be immediately updated to keep it relevant.