HonestBroker’s top-18 Residential Locations in India

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Owning a home in a clean, posh and well-connected location is a dream of millions. It is very likely that you dream of such a home too and trying to find the most ideal location for your dream home. Property in country's prime locations is likely to cost you higher, but it certainly brings a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment. HonestBroker is a hub of prime residential properties and has cherry-picked some of the top locations in India which might help you decide where you would like to have your Dream Home in India.

Here is the list of the Best 18 residential Locations in India as recommended by HonestBroker :

18. Kolkata - Rashbehari:

One of the State’s most affluent neighborhoods, Rashbehari has chic cafes and restaurants, as well as upscale boutiques for fabrics and silk saris, which are its unique identity. Great locations like BITM museum, Birla Mandir, Birla Academy of Art and Culture are major attractions that are very intriguing for families and school-children. A quality lifestyle and well connectivity are the main factors that make Rashbehari one of the best living areas in southern Kolkata. HonestBroker Team ranked it 18th on its list.

17. Hyderabad - Jubilee Hills:

Jubilee Hills is one of the high profile localities in Hyderabad. Full of luxury and comfort, this area is one of the most happening locations of the city. This locality is home to business tycoons, industrialists, film personalities and other high net worth individuals. It is among the top commercial and rental locations in India. Loaded with the best restaurants, pubs and shopping brands you will not be disappointed with what you are able to enjoy here. There's something about living in the Jubilee Hills, you just can't express in words. You will find a mixed crowd of glamour and commercials over here. HonestBroker Team ranked it 17th on its list.

16. Kolkata - Ali pore:

It is a Home Destination for much reputed businesses, such as the Singhanias, the Japans, the Goenkas, Bangur, Birlas and the Mittals. Ali pore is counted among the poshest residential areas across the country. Ali pore is mainly connected with the rest of the city through railways. Kolkata is famous for its theatre. If you are a theatre lover, there are multiple options that you may find interesting. Mahindra Mancho/Kali Bazaar/Open Air Theatre are a few famous theatres in Ali pore. HonestBroker Team ranked it 16th on its list.

15. Pune - Galvani Nagar:

Galvani Nagar benefits from its proximity to the airport and the railway station. Its strong connectivity, Malls, Multiplexes, well establish Industrial SEZ is making it an ideal destination for residents & companies. Its adaptability with cosmopolitan living, amusement facilities and Nightlife culture makes it a preferred location for everyone especially youths. Symbiosis, Phoenix and a lot of (Mall), Pubs & food joints make Galvani Nagar a paradise for Students as well as a commercial hub for working professionals. HonestBroker Team ranked it 15th on its list.

14. Sangamvadi - Pune:

Sangamvadi is a lush green place famous for its educational institutions, and many tourist destinations nearby. It offers proximity to the airport, railway station and other primary business districts- Dhole Patil and Bund Garden. If you are searching for the best places in Pune to live then Sangamvadi is a Good option. The location is already a preferred destination for students and working professionals. Pune provides you with almost everything you look for a comfortable life — Great weather, Mixed Culture, Modernity, Good Education, nightlife, well-developed Industrial sector, etc... HonestBroker Team ranked it 14th on its list.

13. Hydrabad - Banjara Hills:

The Location ranks high since it is a preferred choice of Senior Corporate Executives, Software professionals, Doctors, Advocates, Chartered accountants and Businessmen. In the past, Banjara Hills, a suburb in Hyderabad, has been considered to be one most expensive localities in India according to a few nationwide surveys. It is famous for top hotels, premium malls and high profile residential societies. HonestBroker Team ranked it 13th on its list.

12. Pune - Koregaon Park:

The growth of Pune’s real estate market has led to developments in the outskirts of the city like Koregaon Park, which later become the most sought after location to reside in. The High-class status and luxurious lifestyle are often related to this place. Initially conceived as a garden locality, Koregaon Park slowly developed differently and gained a new identity as the most desirable location in Pune. The upmarket area offers top-notch high-class luxurious apartments and plush bungalows with a buzzing ambience. Koregaon Park is the place to a variety of restaurants, hotels and food zones, which contribute to the popularity of this locality. HonestBroker Team ranked it 12th on its list.

11. Bangalore - Indiranagar:

Indiranagar is known for its dazzling nightlife and exclusive restaurants within Bangalore. Indiranagar is known for its high-class Cafes, vibes, luxury shopping, pubs, exotic food restaurants with the young and elegant crowds all around. Indiranagar is known for its cluster of restaurants and breweries and offers almost everything from local cuisine to upscale theme cuisine or anything you wish to have. Indiranagar was also known for its large bungalows, huge parks and high-end residential locations. It has developed as a major commercial and residential location over time. HonestBroker Team ranked it 11th on its list.

10. Chennai -Thiruvanmiyur

Located at the starting point of East Coast Road and along the Expressway, Thiruvanmiyur is a preferred choice among IT & other Top professionals. It is also an attractive location for CEOs, high net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians. The long sandy shorelines, lush green surroundings, pleasant shorelines and rich social legacy engross both household and outside guests. The city is a spotless mix of appealing scenes and fascinating history. The property types available in the locality are apartments, residential houses, villas, plots and commercial spaces. HonestBroker Team ranked it 10th on its list.

9. Delhi — Greater Kailash:

Greater Kailash (aka GK) is a premium neighbourhood in South Delhi; known for its elite lifestyle due to the presence of an abundance of eating points, shopping centres and residential & commercial destinations. With a lot of Educational and coaching institutions, it is also a preferred location for IAS aspirants. It offers luxurious bungalows/ independent houses/ builder floors/ commercial establishments to prospective buyers. This locality offers very good connectivity to other parts of Delhi and provides much more than just the basic facilities. In the past, GK has shown a good upward trend in terms of value and is still a preferred choice of many. HonestBroker Team ranked it 9th on its list.

8. Bangalore - Sadashivanagar:

Sadashivanagar is one of the traditional luxury destinations in Bangalore. It has a decent mix of modernity and culture. Some of the attractions include – diverse restaurants, Cafes, luxury shopping destinations, exotic food restaurants and dazzling nightlife. Sadashivanagar is also known for its large bungalows, huge parks, high-end residential locations and farmhouses. It has developed as a major commercial and residential location over time. Sadashivanagar has achieved the highest residential resale capital value recorded in the city's history. HonestBroker Team ranked it 8th on its list.

7. Chennai - Teynampet :

Teynampet is one of the busiest commercial areas in the state. Some major attractions like Boat Club Road, Poes Garden, Sterling Road, and T Nagar make this place a perfect choice for residential purposes. In the past Teynampet zone was known to contribute the highest amount of tax amongst all the 15 zones of the Corporation of Chennai. Property prices in Teynampet have surged by more than 100% in the recent past and emerged as one of the most preferred areas in the near region for those looking for a top-class lifestyle and luxury apartments. With the advantage of airport and railway station proximity, it offers very good connectivity to the surrounding destinations. HonestBroker Team ranked it 7th on its list.

6. Delhi — Aerocity:

The area around Aerocity, Delhi offers a mix of residential and commercial establishments. Aerocity is a unique techno-commercial zone located near Airport Delhi and developed in the projection of Cuber hub Gurgaon. The Area is well-developed in recent times and has shown great potential for business & commercial opportunities. Many IT, Fortune 500 companies, Top Hotels are adding shine to the location. This amazing locality is full of international restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and much more, which makes it extremely popular, especially among the young and affluent crowd. The commercial value in this range has risen very fast in past and shown the potential of becoming the future Commercial Hub of the city. HonestBroker Team ranked it 6th on its list.

5. Gurgaon — Cybercity:

The area around CyberHub offers a mix of residential and commercial establishments. CyberHub is a unique techno-commercial zone located at the entrance of Gurgaon, which is home to several IT and Fortune 500 companies. Cybercity is full of international restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, Sport-bar, amphitheatre, and everything that one can think of. In addition, it is a popular venue for live theatre, stand-up comedy acts, product launches, media events as well as cultural and art shows. Furthermore, this prominent locality is well-connected through road from all major surrounding metro cities and is only 15 minutes away from the airport. The commercial value in this locality is continuing to rise since its establishment. HonestBroker Team ranked it 5th on its list.

4 Gujarat — Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat and one of India’s most important cities in the west. Ahmadabad is a city where culture & tradition, combines with modern infrastructure. Due to its unique combination and good administration, it has become a major business destination. It offers fascinating buildings, brilliant restaurants, excellent museums, thrilling night markets, and much more. The demand for property is mainly because of the interest from various investors and NRIs. Ahmedabad has almost all educational institutions, shopping malls, and the new central business districts. Additionally, the city is also a centre for the pharmaceutical, chemical and textile industries. HonestBroker Team ranked it 4th on its list.

3. Mumbai - Lower Parel:

Mumbai is known as the fashion capital of the country. It was a hub for numerous cotton mills in the past. Now, this city is occupied by well-developed corporate hubs, MNCs, Top executives, CEOs and business tycoons. Lower Parel is known for its good connectivity with the other parts of Mumbai. Well developed infrastructure and amenities in this area add value to one's investment. High rise apartment with sea view with fascinating state-of-the-art Buildings, trilling marking is making it the best place for the ambitious crowd, who want world-class lifestyle. HonestBroker Team ranked it 3rd on its list.

2. Mumbai - Worli:

The world is one of the most popular and plush localities in Mumbai. Worli offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea and Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge. It is also home to several celebrities, tycoons, Media houses, cricketers, actors and Top CEOs. Worli is almost centrally located and well-connected with all the major parts of the cities. While this place is one of the classy hangout destinations for youngsters, it is also known as the Business hub of the city. Quite famous among tourists this sea-facing locality has a lot to offer like Museums, Nehru Science Centre, Common Man sculpture etc… Worli is also one of the busiest office areas in Mumbai. It is a preferred place for top companies, Corporate, Media Houses & Hotels. You can enjoy a royal life here with the seafronts and world-class ambience. HonestBroker Team ranked it 2nd on its list.

1. Mumbai - Malabar Hill:

Malabar Hill is a hillock with pleasant weather and an upscale residential location in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the poshest and top-notch localities of the country. It is a home for several business tycoons and Bollywood celebrities. You can move to Malabar Hills if you want a king-size life with all the luxury that you can think of. High-rise apartments with a sea view are an advantage to the location. It is also one of the most expensive & highly desirable residential areas in the world. Malabar Hill is also famous for some tourist destinations like Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar temple, hanging gardens etc.

HonestBroker Team ranked it 1st on its list.

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He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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