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13July 2020

HonestBroker’s top-18 Residential Locations in India

Owning a home in a clean, posh and well-connected location is a dream of millions. It is very likely that you dream of such a home too and trying to find the most ideal location for your dream home. A property in country's prime locations is likely to cost you higher,

7June 2020

How to find the Honest Broker for your Property

Real Estate industry consists of different players like Builders, Bankers, Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Contractors, Legal professionals, Government agencies, Facility managers, Brokers and so on. The role a real estate broker is quite crucial for a property deal. A broker acts as a bridge between all stakeholders and ensures a smooth processing from start to end. Just like every other industry,

11Dec 2019

Do I really need a Broker?

Real Estate is a huge market which revolves around a lot of ambitions, dreams and capital. Since this market deals with a lot of hard earned money, it is also attractive for scammers and ethically challenged elements. It is therefore obvious that every property deal should be executed with utmost vigilance and care. This is where a Real Estate Broker or HonestBroker comes into the picture.