What is the construction cost of building your own home in Chennai on 2022

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It is everyone's dream to build a dream home. Everyone wants to have a home where they can make beautiful memories. But when people want to turn their dream into reality, it becomes costlier to achieve it. This is because the cost of constructing a house is a costly affair nowadays.

If someone is looking for a house in Chennai, almost all potential home buyers stumble upon the issue of finding flats available in the market. The option available many times does not conform to the size, plan, and specifications of the home buyer's choice. So building your own house seems like a good option. As per the data available in Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), the number of planning permissions for individual homes is increasing continuously.

Constructing a home may be like investing your entire life income, especially for a middle-class family. That's why many people consider it a significant investment in their life. This is the main reason, they try to save cost as much as possible to get the best value of their investment. Many people go for loans, so it is necessary to use the money effectively to get maximum benefits. 

People always look for ways to reduce construction costs. Constructing a house in Chennai at a low cost is not a big task if you move smartly and use the given tips. 

Construction raw material cost

The materials used in construction have fluctuated a lot over the years. You are advised to consider the latest costing for basic building materials that contribute to the budget and mainly are:

  •  Cement
  •  Brick Sand and Jallik
  •  Colour
  •  Plywood
  •  Steel
  •  Wood
  •   Pipe
  •   Tiles
  •   Electrical
  •   Line pipe
  •   Sanitary ware

Std. Construction cost in Chennai is estimated at Rs. 1000 per sq ft

1):- Chennai construction cost using Contractors  (Materials+Labours outsourced)

Area of construction

1000 sq ft

Construction Estimate

1625000 Rs

Cost per sq ft

1625 Rs

2):- Residential construction cost based on quality - construction cost using Contractors (Material + Labour outsourced)


Average Quality

Good Quality

Best Quality

Area of construction

1000 sq ft

1000 sq ft

1000 sq ft

Cost Estimate

14,50,000 Rs

16,25,000 Rs

19,50,000 Rs

Cost per square feet

1450 Rs

1625 Rs

1950 Rs

3):- Construction cost (If we buy material and only labour outsourced)

Area of construction 

1000 sq ft

Cost estimate

13,00000 Rs

Cost per sq ft

1300 Rs

4):- Commercial Building Construction Cost (Material + Labour outsourced)

Area of construction

1000 sq ft

Construction estimate

11,50,000 Rs

Cost per sq ft

1150 Rs

Note: Another major cost is the cost of hiring top construction workers (if needed).

Construction Cost in Chennai in 2022

The construction cost in Chennai will range from 1450/sq ft to 4500/sq ft and will vary for ultra-luxury homes. This translates to Rs 14,50,000 Rs for an ordinary house and Rs 45 lakh for an uber-luxury home. 

Cost divided between civil materials and finishing materials

Civil Materials: Foundations, slabs, columns, beams, stairs, brickwork, plastering per square feet of floor area. – Rs 880 – Rs 1250 per sq ft.

Finishing Materials: Flooring, Tiles, Granite/Marble, Plumbing, Electrical, Doors, Windows, Painting, Steel Construction per square foot of floor area - Rs 550 to Rs 1850 per sq ft.

Total sum approx Rs.1430 to Rs.3100

The typical detailed cost division for building a 1000 sq ft house is:

  •   Steel Rs.65000/Ton – Rs 380,000
  •   Sand cost Rs.1800/ton – Rs 185000
  •   Gravel/Metal at 450/tonne – Rs 22000
  •   Cement at Rs.380/bag – Rs 266000
  •   Bricks at Rs.8/Piece - Rs 115000
  •   Electric wire - Rs 145000
  •   Plumbing (Materials and Labour) - Rs 130,000
  •   Wood Door (Main Door and Rear Door) – Rs 42000
  •   Glass and mirror – Rs 28000
  •   Grills and Gate – Rs 135000
  •   Door set - Rs 43000
  •   150/sq ft - 70000 On granite stone
  •   Cost of Tiles (All Floors) Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Parking Tiles - Rs 265000
  •   Painting fee (interior & exterior / labor & material) including putty – Rs 190000
  •   Windows and Ventilator UPVC Sliding Glass with Mosquito Screen - Rs 135000

The construction cost of the apartment is approx 1350/sq ft. This is the normal cost for up to 3 floors. 

On top of all that, interior design costs can add up to about 20% of the project cost these days. Exterior, Inverter, landscaping, solar rooftop, and borewell are other facilities that will add to the project cost.

Construction contractors in Chennai

Currently, years have seen a significant increase in the demand for construction workers. Since many home buyers want the flexibility to do-it-themself. If you want to do your home construction and don't know the ABC of actual construction; the only option is to hire a contractor who will execute the plan as you provide; per square meter has a fixed price on per foot price.

How we can reduce the construction cost in Chennai 

1):- Do not make changes after construction has started.

Sometimes people approve a plan before construction and suddenly change their plan during construction. This is one of the main problems, which again increases the construction cost.

2):- Savings in finishing materials.

Construction material alone is not responsible for rising costs alone but with the finishing material cost. When we consider finishing work, the flooring material, doors and windows, and woodwork for the interior absorb a considerable cost. It is necessary to prepare structural drawings for the house beforehand. Many people ignore it and don't know about the structural drawings of the buildings.

They only thought about the architectural drawings of the building. But structural drawing is about foundation plan details, preparation of plan details, column and beam plan details, and other structural components of buildings. It is useful to avoid excess spend later over budget.

3):- Plot Selection

It starts with the selection of a plot for your house. Always go for a roadside plot where transport facility and communication is possible to every required hub because it can reduce your transportation cost for a lifetime.  

4):- Use fly ash instead of red bricks

If you want to reduce costs, choose to fly ash bricks instead of red bricks or other bricks. Fly ash bricks are cheaper than red bricks but have good strength for construction. This can reduce the cost of construction by a considerable amount. By adopting these tips, you can significantly reduce the construction cost of the house. 

5):- Buy construction materials from local vendors

While buying material for construction, try to buy from local vendors as this will reduce your transportation cost as construction material is costly.

6):- Saving in Machinery Cost

Construction machines are always hired on a rental basis, and their rental cost is very high. So you must take maximum advantage of construction machinery in a calculated manner so that construction costs can be saved. You can save the total cost of construction by using this method.

7):- Saving in flooring

Flooring can be done both costly or economical. Tiles come in a wide price range. You can choose any one of them according to your budget. In addition, cement flooring is an excellent option for one of the best low-cost and long-lasting flooring. Red oxide flooring is also a good option. 

8):- Choosing the right, size of the house

The size of the house also contributes to increasing the cost of construction. When the size of the house increases, it increases the surface area and, ultimately, the cost of construction. So try to design a house so that it will reduce the surface area and cost less. 

9):- Reduce the number of walls

Make the house more spacious by reducing the number of walls. This ultimately reduces the surface area and also reduces the cost. This allows natural light to enter the home and reduces the number of electricity costs.

Top 4 Benefits of Building Vs Buying a Manufactured House

There are some 4 advantages of building your own house as compared to buying a ready-made flat from the market, such as

1) Choice of Layout: You can decide the layout of the house from the very beginning. One does not have to settle for disproportionate toilets and kitchens, with which most people want more flexibility.

2) Speed ​​of construction: Since the amount of money required for construction is paid directly by you and is linked to the rate of actual construction progress, you may decide to take it at the pace at which the funds are available to you.

3) Satisfaction: Research proves that citizens who build their own homes are happier and have a stronger emotional bond with the homes they build in the long term.

4) Specification Flexibility: When you are building your own home, you can decide where to place utilities such as switches and choice of interior, etc. No one knows your daily usage patterns better than you. So designing your own home allows you to decide on outlets, space for washing machines, etc.

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He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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