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What is Banglarbhumi?

The Banglarbhumi is an online website portal to know everything about their Land in WestBengal. This website offers related information to Land, Land Reforms, Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department, Plots Information, property owner information, plot number, property value and Khaitan information, and DAG information.  Banglarbhumi oversees and manages West Bengal's land record data.

How to Register on the Banglarbhumi Website?

For the Bangla Bhumi benefits, only registered citizens are qualified. 

The Banglarbhumi website requires users to register and create a profile to access the perks above and citizen services. What one must do is do the following:


  • Visit the Banglabhumi official website in the first place.

  • The second step requires the user to click "Sign up." The top of the page is where you may find it.

  • The Public Registration Form will be available on the following page, at step three. The citizen in the form must complete the following information:


● Name in full.

● Parents or a Guardian's name.

● Address of the home.

● Information on the jurisdiction, including the municipality, District, P.S., and Pin code.

● Both the registered email address and the OTP were sent.

● Sent to the registered phone along with the mobile number is the OTP.

● Confirm your password after entering it.

● The CAPTCHA codes.

● Click Submit after you have entered the data mentioned above. The people can begin using the benefits available on the portal after the registration process. 

Services Available on the Banglarbhumi Portal

 Services available on the Banglarbhumi 2021 portal are as mentioned:

  1. Applications for Rights Record (ROR).

  2. Owner of the land by name.

  3. Create maps.

  4. Application for conversion and Mutation online.

  5. Details about the distribution of land.

  6. The borderline between Bangladesh and India.

  7. The property's worth.

  8. Plot point.

  9. ISU leadership.

  10. Thika Renting.

  11. Maintaining and updating land records, customer complaints

  12. The State Land Use Board's services.

  13. Power over rent.

  14. ARTI (On Surveys and Settlement) and LTMC provide training services (the training centre).

  15. E-appointments and E-payments for the registration of deeds.

Banglarbhumi has its website in the play store named Banglarbhumi app. You can search on the website Banglarbhumi app download and get the link to the play store.

How to use the Banglarbhumi 2022 official website banglarbhumi.gov.in?

To use the Banglarbhumi official website here, you can follow these steps:

● Visit the Banglarbhumi website first.

● Next, select the sign-in link at the screen's top.

● As the username, enter your registered mobile number.

● Type in the password you decided on when you registered.

● After entering the captcha code, select login.


How to Check Khatian No. & Plot Information at banglarbhumi.gov.in 2022

A record of rights is described by the Persian word Khaitan. It is a document that certifies who owns the property. These may be proof of ownership, land development tax assessments, or occupancy evidence. The landowner's state government issues the Khatian number. As previously stated, using the Banglarbhumi website to look for Khatian and Plot information is quick and easy. The actions below must be taken if an individual wants to search for a land record of west Bengal land by name:


● The user must visit either the Bangla Bhumi page or the West Bengal Land Reforms official website.

● Once on the home page, click the "Banglarbhumi Know your property" tab.

● The inhabitants must enter the names of the District, the Block, and Mouza on the next page to identify Mouza. Choose the desired name from the drop-down menu's three selections.

● The citizen must choose between searching by Khaitan and searching by the plot. Select just one.

● If the "Search by Khaitan" option is selected, one must enter the Khaitan number.

● No "/" or a "/" may exist in the Khaitan number. Fill out the first box with 222 and the second box with three if the answer is 222/3. Put 222 in the first box if the answer is only 222.

● When finished, click "View" after entering the case-sensitive CAPTCHA code. On the next page, you'll find information on Khaitan.

● The user must provide the plot number if "Search by Plot" is set.

● Additionally, complete the CAPTCHA and select "view" from the menu. The plot details, including the plot's number and categorisation, are displayed on the next page.

What is the ROR of land on the Banglarbhumi 2022 Portal?

The Record of Rights (ROR on the Banglarbhumi Portal) is one of the most crucial records every landowner needs. It includes all pertinent data about the land. Put another way; it stands for the property's legal standing. It also goes by the Bengali name "Porcha." On the official Land&Land Reforms or Banglarbhumi portal, users can submit requests to receive them. The owner would need to take the following actions to have the same results:


● The user must provide a username and password to access the official portal.

● Following that, select the "Citizens Service" tab.

● ROR request can be selected from the drop-down menu under "Services Delivery".

● A form will appear on the subsequent page. The form must be filled out with the essential information, including the Khatian number, District, Block, and others.

● Using the CAPTCHA code, confirm the information, then click "Calculate charge."

● Click "Continue" after choosing your desired payment method.

● Verify every detail on the following page before pressing "Continue."

● The payable amount should be entered, then click "Confirm."

● To finish the payment, the bank payment page will open.

● The user will be taken to the portal after a successful transaction. There will be a receipt sent for your acknowledgement.

How to apply for Mutation on the Banglarbhumi website?

The Mutation changes the ownership of a property during a sale or transfer. The property must first be registered to carry out the Mutation. The registration procedure is as follows:


● Visit Banglarbhumi's main website.

● On the navigation bar is a tab labelled "Online Application." The "Mutation Application Link" can be selected from the list.

● Upload the required documents, including a registered deed, a legal heir, and other information, after filling out the applicant and transfer data.

● The "Submit" button. The reference number obtained on the following page should be saved. It will make verifying the application status easier in the future.

● Choose the fee payment option and pay by debit card or net banking to finish the registration process.

● Payment has been made, and the process for applying for a mutation is complete. The gateway immediately generates the mutation case for the land.

● Additionally, there is the choice of the offline payment. Through the "Application-GRN" search option in the online application, the offline payment status can also be checked online. Agricultural, non-agricultural, commercial, industrial, and non-commercial properties have different mutation costs.

Q. How do I apply for land conversion in Banglarbhumi?

Banglarbhumi 2022 Changing the use of your land is referred to as land conversion. For example, you might have to abandon your land's agricultural uses and turn it into a business. You must apply for land conversion to achieve this.

Q. How to check the grievance status in Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land?

● You must visit the web portal to check this status.

● Then, you must select "Public Grievance" from the menu on the home page.

● Selecting "Grievance Status/Description" is the following step.

● You must input your UPN and the captcha code on the following page.

● You must select "display" after completing the form.

● The Grievance Status will then appear in front of you.

Q. What is the official Address of Banglarbhumi Head Quarters?

Banglarbhumi may be reached at 35 Survey Building, Gopal Nagar Road, Kolkata - 700027, Director of Land Records and Survey. 2253-5092 is the telephone number.

Q. How can I download ROR using the Banglarbhumi portal?

Step 1: Visit the official website and log in before downloading a ROR or "land Porcha" online. Go to banglarbhumi.gov.in to access the Banglarbhumi website first.

Step 2. Launch the GRN request search. Click "Citizens Service" after logging in.

Step 3: Enter your GRIPS payment information.

Download ROR details/porcha in step four (PDF)

Q. What is a 1B certificate on the Banglarbhumi Portal?

The ROR-1B verifies who the actual land owner is.

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An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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