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About Banashankari 6th Stage

Banashankari is a well-known area in South Bengaluru. It is located in an ideal area with all the amenities like schools, colleges, and hospitals. It also has good road access. We have spoken extensively about Banashankari's stages and locations. Below, I will concentrate on the Banashankari 6th Stage and its surrounding areas. The 6th Stage of Banashankari is in Bangalore's expansion area. Banashankari's 6th Stage is a new area designed to support today's affluent lifestyle. It features large, spacious homes in well-planned communities. It is close to the Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Availability of BDA Auction Sites For Sale

It is a bit far from the main locations, but the connectivity is excellent. People can connect to Bengaluru via the Metro. On the eastern side, Banashankari 6th Stage, you will find the famous Turahalli Reserve Forest, the main tourist attraction for Bangalore. Pavamanapura can be located to the South, Srinivaspur to the North, and Hemmigepura to the West. A 100-foot main road connects Kanakapura and Kodipalya. It is surrounded by Gubbalala and Ganagalla, Karyanapalya, Ganagalla, and Chikegowadanapalya. In 1999, the Bangalore Development Authority purchased Pattegarapalya. It has constructed almost 20,000 sites in 14 blocks. Most citizens were given plots or land to build their homes.

The Banashankari 6th Stage offers investors a variety of options. You have affordable options as well as elegant and more luxurious housing options. It is located in Bangalore Development Authority's most sought-after area. There are many parks around, the area has a lot of greenery. You can find the Turahalli forest, an excellent place for nature lovers, and the Bengaluru–Mysore expressway. Many people are looking at the available space as the area is well-suited for residential development. It is connected with


  1. Banashankari Metro Station

All amenities are easily accessible from the neighborhood. Excellent connectivity is available to all areas of Bangalore, as well as various transportation options. Long-distance driving by car is easy because the area is near the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway. You can get to and from Bangalore by bus or taxi. BSK 6th Stage is also within easy reach of the Phase 2 metro line.

There are many BDA plots for sale in Banashankari's 6th Stage. It is located in Bangalore's southern suburbs, as I have mentioned. There are large parks, the RV College for Architecture, and the planned Banashankari 6th-stage BDA development. It has a well-developed BDA layout and connectivity to the Metro.BSK 6th Stage is a great place to live in Bangalore. It's also suitable for the next generation.

This area is new and well planned. It has a strong social infrastructure. You don't have to travel far to get essential services. There are parks, schools, markets, and hospitals within the area. Many small shops cater to daily needs and a local market. Residents of a community value the proximity to hospitals and medical providers. Here are some hospitals and healthcare facilities that are close by.


  1. Banashankari Temple

Some attractions near this area include the Banashankari 6th Stage Park, the Turahalli reserve forests, and the ISKCON Temple, which is approximately 2 km away.

Because it is a growing neighborhood, there is plenty of growth potential. There are many housing options in Bangalore to fit everyone's needs. The area is also home to some new developments.

New regional projects could be great investment opportunities as the site grows and connectivity improves. These areas will be highly sought-after due to the congestion in the city's central parts. At Banashankari's 6th Stage, well-known developers keep their real estate projects moving at an impressive pace.


Prices for land at Banashankari are affected by many factors, such as

The cost of the property should be analyzed in light of its location, the development status (roads and parks, drainage, garbage collection), the area of the plot (corner locations fetch more people to build shops), the availability of amenities, the size of the plot and the value set by the BBMP. 

  1. Banashankari BDA Complex

Banashankari's sixth Stage is the largest among all BDA-formed layouts. It was formed in the mid-2000s and is still in its early stages. This area was developed 18 years ago by the DDA. It still lacks basic amenities. It is further divided into 15 sections. This vast neighborhood is bordered east by Kanakapura Road and Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road. To the west, NICE Road borders it. The famous Thurahalli hill, and the local forest surrounding it, are located in the middle of Banashankari's 6th stage. This is a tranquil, scenic area with rolling hills and vegetation. Many properties in Bangalore and BDA plots are available in the area.

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BDA Development in Banashankari

Bengaluru Development Authority plans to build a commercial building on its Banashankari 6th-stage land to generate more revenue. The BDA will build a unique commercial complex that will generate long-term revenue. The Banashankari 6th Stage is just a few km from Kanakapura Road and NICE Road. This area is ideal for real-estate development as many commercial and residential activities will likely rise over the years.

Banashankari 6th Stage and its surrounding areas could be where you find your perfect home. Brigade Group has carved its niche by developing high-quality projects such as Brigade 7 Gardens and Brigade Omega. Prestige Bagamane temple bells can be found about 8 km from this location. You will find many other top-notch residential projects. Apartments in this area start at Rs. 4000 sq ft to Rs. prices range from Rs. 7000 to 7000 per square foot, and plots in Bangalore start at Rs. This is an estimate of the market.


About Banashankari 2 Stage

Banashankari stage 2 is the most prominent residential and commercial area of the Banashankari community. It is located close to Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Jayanagar, Uttarahalli. Basavangudi. Koramangala, Koramangala, and J P Nagar. The subareas of the area include Kadirenahalli and Kaveri Nagar, Yarab Nagar, Yarab Nagar, and Teachers Colony II Stage. Adarsh Group and Unity group, Gravity Homes, Lakshmi Constructions, and Shivaganga Infra are all prominent builders in this area. Horizontal development is a locality feature, including low- to mid-rise residential buildings.


 About Banashankari 3 Stage

Banashankari 3rd stage in South Bangalore is a rapidly developing residential cum commercial settlement. The nearest localities are Dwaraka Nagar and Hosakerehalli. It is close to important areas such as Koramangala Jayanagar, JP Nagar, and JP Nagar. It is close to the famous Banashankari Temple. The site has seen horizontal development, with many low- to mid-rise buildings. The area is gaining popularity due to its excellent civic amenities and proximity to IT parks. Some of the projects include Nandi Enclave and Kiran Comforts.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Banashankari 6th Stage suitable for investing?

Ans. Banashankari Stage-6 can be described as an excellent locality. It is easily accessible from Kanakapura Road and Mysore Road.


2. Are there BDA developments at BSK 6th stage?

Ans. Banashankari's 6th Stage is one of the most impressive layouts that have been BDA-formed.


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He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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