How to find Delhi Land Records online on the Bhulekh Portal?

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The Government of NCT of Delhi launched an internet service named Delhi Bhulekh, or Delhi Land record, to simplify property verification for the populace. Its previous Name was Indraprashtha Bhulekh. To avoid data manipulation and corruption and to advance transparency, Delhi Bhulekh keeps track of Delhi's land records digitally and Delhi land records by Name.


From the Delhi Bhulekh portal or the respective district offices' citizen service centres, you can access ROR Delhi land records. On the official website of Bhulekh Delhi, you may also examine Jamabandi and Delhi bhulekh khasra khatauni records in addition to the land records.


Let's see how the owner name, Khata number, and Khasra number may be used to see Delhi land records information online quickly.

What are the benefits of Delhi Jamabandi online?


● The webpage offers Delhi Jamabandi Nakal, Khasra numbers, and other available resources.

● For legal purposes or to assert title, the Delhi Jamabandi online portal offers information on the Khasra and land registration.

● To offer a loan, banks require the Delhi Jamabandi records. Additionally, they are necessary for crop insurance.

● As users are not obliged to visit government offices to obtain the extract, it encourages transparency and efficiency in the system.

How to Check Delhi Land Records by Name Online?


Follow the steps below to view Delhi Land Records by Name ROR reports on the DLRC official website.

Step 1: Access the main page (https://dlrc.delhigovt.nic.in/default.aspx) of the website.


Step 2: Pick the District from the provided list, then click View Records.

Step 3: Complete the District, Subdivision, Village, and Khata Type fields.

Step 4: You can search the record by Khata No., Khasra No., and Name. In this instance, choose the Name before entering the owner's Name.

Step 5: To access the land record information, click View Khata Details. The screen will show all the information about the land.


How to Check Delhi Land Records by Khasra Number


Follow the procedures below to check khasra no Delhi.


Step 1: Access the main page at https://dlrc.delhigovt.nic.in/

Step 2: On the home page, click Khasra Khatauni Details. 

Step 3: Select "see records" and enter the village and Khata Type as necessary.

Step 4: You can search the record by Khata No., Khasra No., and Name. Based on the information, choose one choice—the Khasra number, and after that.

Step 5: To access details about the Delhi land record by khasra no, click View Khata Details.



How to Check Delhi Jamabandi details?


If you need access to the Jamabandi information or the ROR report for Delhi land records, you can readily check it on the DLRC website. The following are the steps to check jamabandi information:


Step 1: Go to the official website and select Jamabandi Details (https://dlrc.delhigovt.nic.in/).

Step 2: Select "Jamabandi Details under PLR Act" from the menu.

Step 3: Next, choose the District and then select "View Records."

Step 4: All information about Jamabandi will be shown.

List of Documents Required for Property Mutation

For the property's modification, you must provide the following paperwork:-


1. A copy of the sale deed

2. The housing board's No Objection Certificate

3. A properly signed and notarized transferee's undertaking on stamp paper costing Rs. 10

4. An indemnification bond with proper authentication on Rs. 100 stamp paper

5. The property tax clearance receipt

6. A 100 rupee allocation fee and a 50 rupee composition fee

7. These papers need to be presented if the property is inherited:

8. Death certificate for the owner

9. The following documents must be presented if the property is registered through a power of attorney (POA):

10. Power of attorney documents

11 Will replicate

12. A copy of the payment that was submitted to the sub-registrar

13. Will Copy

14. The sub-registrar's office is where you can submit these documents. Within 15 to 30 days of the completion of the document verification process, the mutation certificate will be issued.

Benefits of Delhi Land Records ROR Report Online


The government has made it possible for citizens to examine all information online by digitizing land records. The following advantages are yours if you elect to examine Delhi land records for report online:


● Due to the online facility, the web portal has reduced corruption and saved time.

● To verify the land records, there is no need to visit Patwari's office. No need to stand in line at the office.

● Verify land records using your Khasra number and property boundaries on land maps.

● On the online portal, Khasra and Khata numbers are also available.

● A database can be easily kept up to date regularly.

● Access to information is free and available whenever you need it. 

● A new property buyer can investigate the land's legitimacy.

● There are fewer sales frauds.

● Landowners have access to detailed land data.

● Land records should be checked because lenders may need the information to approve loans.

How to view Jamabandi on Bhulekh Delhi Online?


● You must visit the official website to do this; the link is provided in our post.

● On the website's home page, you must choose the "Land Map" option.

● A new page will load on the screen after clicking.

● There, you will be given a detailed map of Delhi.

● You must click on "Khasra Information."

● the Following clicking, you must choose from options such as District, Rectangle, Division, Village, and Khasra.

● After choosing, select "View Ownership Details."

● The land map is then readily visible after that.

How to search property records in Delhi online?

● Go to the Delhi Web Registration Information System's online portal first.

● You may get Delhi Online Property Details on the home page after that.

● Your property can be located using your Name, the property's address, the year of registration, etc.

● There are a lot of possibilities available to you for the search, and you must pick one.

● You'll see a new form appear on your screen after making your choice.

● where you must accurately complete every field requested.

● You need to choose the search option after filling it out.

● Following that, your computer screen will display all of your information.


Every landowner or property owner in Delhi should have a copy of their land register. It not only facilitates the loan application process but also aids in reducing fraudulent activity. Most lenders look at the Delhi land records ROR report to approve a home or plot loan. The Government of NCT of Delhi launched an internet portal named Bhulekh Delhi to simplify things for the general population. The online Bhulekh land record Delhi assists in reducing fraud, corruption, and data tampering. You can search the Delhi land records by Name and Khasra number.


Q. What is Jamabandi Delhi?

The "Land Record of Rights Information" contains it. However, more than the Jama Bandi is needed to establish ownership.

Q. How do I check my Delhi land records?

One need only: to access the land records in Delhi.

Step 1: Access the official Bhulekh website on https://dlrc.delhi.gov.in/

Step 2: Following your selection of the Khasra and Khatauni data on the home page, you will be taken to a list of khata specifics. Next, select "View Records."

Step 3: Choose the khata type and village from the dropdown menu. Then, you can search for that information by Name, khasra number, or khata number.

Step 4: Click "View Details" after inputting the information.

Q. What does the term "Khasra" imply in Delhi?

A plot or survey number is assigned to each piece of land in a village. The "Khasra" number is the name given to this one.

Q. What is meant by the Khatauni Number?

Cultivators are granted a number called a Khatauni Delhi number. These are people who cultivate a specific piece of land.

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An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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