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Hyderabad recently received a new feather in the cap: Tree city of the world. It was previously praised for its infrastructure development and IT hub. Telangana's capital is home to remarkable architectures, such as Charminar Fort and Golconda Fort. It has been called "The city of Nizams". It is home to many religions and has a rich culture.


Hyderabad has an IT hub that provides many employment and growth opportunities. Hyderabad's IT/ITeS sector has over 6 lakh people working in over 1500 companies, which is a testament to the city's potential. Hyderabad's eminent markets attract investments in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, real property, health care, and others.

Hyderabad Overview


Hyderabad has become a major metropolis with a population of around 1,026,99,000 by 2021. These numbers will likely increase with the 2.65% annual growth. The city is the fourth-most populated country, thanks to its large population.


To understand the population graph, we can trace it back to the 1950s. The population recorded in 1950 was 10,96,320, and this exploded to 1,004,144 in 2020. In three-quarters of a century, the population grew nearly tenfold.


Telangana's capital city has a population density of 18,480/km2 (or 47,900/miles).

Linguistics and Culture

Due to the large Telugu- and Urdu-speaking population, there is a significant population in the city. There are also minor numbers of people who speak other languages such as Kannada, Marwari and Odia. Migrants from other countries occupy nearly a quarter of Hyderabad, which is why many Hyderabadis practice different religions.


Hyderabad is home to many religions, as people from all parts of India travel down there. Here is the breakdown of religions. The percentage of religions is as follows: Hinduism (55%), Islam (41%), Christians (2.5%), Jainism (0.5%), Buddhism (0.02%), etc.


Hyderabad covers 625 square miles. At an elevation of 542 metres, it covers 241 miles. Hyderabad, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the country, covers a large area. It is located 1,566 kilometres (973 miles) south of Delhi, 699 km (434 Miles), South-east Mumbai and 570 km (350 Miles), North Bengaluru. It is easily accessible to all the country's major markets, attracting trade and business. 

Hyderabad Investment Opportunities

For centuries, Hyderabad has been known for its bazaars. The vibrant markets in Telangana, the state capital of Telangana, are often responsible for the incredible charisma of Hyderabad. Investors have plenty of investment options in this town, which is ranked by JLL as the most dynamic country globally by the renowned global real-estate consultancy.


The variety of investment options available entertains investors. Each sector has exhibited impressive performances. Hyderabad is home to many developed investment sectors such as Real Estate, Retail and High Network Businesses. Each sector has a success story to show investors, and they can clear any doubts. These sectors are well worth your investment. 

Why is Hyderabad the best place to invest in real estate?

Real estate is the most prominent investment sector out of all those mentioned, and this is due to its evolution in line with changing markets. Today, the city markets are among the country's eight most desirable real estate areas, and these factors make the city market stand out from the rest.


Emerging IT hub

Hyderabad's IT corridor has adorned the city with sparkling structures and buildings filled with professionals. These professionals increase the demand for residential real estate and the sector. 

Development of fast-paced infrastructure

Infrastructure has grown exponentially as the IT industry supported other sectors, such as these. Metro rail and other infrastructure projects have improved connectivity in the last mile and elevated the surrounding area. This has fueled the demand for real estate. 

Be open to new opportunities

Markets that can adapt are the ones that see growth. Hyderabad is a city that responds positively to technological changes and people's preferences. This adaptability creates positive trends and positions the market in a better place. The city has welcomed new investment options such as condos and co-living.



Investors have been frightened by the lack of a systematic approach to real estate investments. RERA was established to end all of this and instil confidence in investors about the reliability and delivery of real-estate projects. The Act was created on August 4, 2017, to legitimise real estate and protect developers' and consumers' interests.

TS RERA Rules and Regulations

RERA provides various services to citizens, real estate agents, and promoters. To ensure continuity in construction, developers must register their projects with RERA, and 70% of the funds must be deposited in a RERA account. Real estate agents must also register and renew their licenses at least every five years. As developers must update the status of each project every few months, citizens can monitor the project's development.

TS RERA Registration

This structured approach includes a predetermined registration process to register projects under RERA. Developers can visit the official website, see the services section, and then follow the instructions to register the project. After filling out the project details, it is obligatory to submit all required documents to RERA. Last, you will need to pay the RERA fees. This fee is dependent on the type of project and the area. Similar registration procedures apply to real estate agents and promoters.

Telangana State Land Records & Stamp Duty Charges

 How do I check land records in Telangana?

The Dharani portal, a digital platform in Telangana, is where you can find all information about Telangana land. The state is digitising land records to settle disputes and make it easier to transact land in the future.


You can book slots, apply for mutations, search for land details, and many other services through the portal. The citizens need to register on the website following the prescribed process. Visit the official website to check land records. Then, select the Land Details Search option. To complete the land record check, enter the necessary details and confirm the captcha.


This has allowed for greater access to land information. This is the first step in reducing land disputes and ensuring that the information is easily accessible.

Stamp Duty Charges

Stamp Duty fees are taxes that the government collects and are usually paid by buyers at the time of the transaction. The stamp duty in India varies between 4-8%, and the average stamp duty in Telangana is 6% of the property's value. Stamp duties are charged on immovable and partitioned properties and gifts. The transaction will be null and void if it is not paid. The state has every right to seize the property and punish the responsible persons accordingly.


Best Real Estate Investment Options for Hyderabad

Hyderabad's real estate market can make your investment more attractive. It is time to find out the best real-estate investment opportunities in Hyderabad. There are many investment options available if we focus on real estate investments.

There are three types of real estate investments: residential, commercial and specialty sectors, such as co-living or luxury homes. The real estate market in Hyderabad has been volatile since the outbreak, and some sectors, such as residential and office real estate, performed well simultaneously. Investors should be aware of market trends before making investments that will make them money.


Residential Real Estate

Residential properties are a great investment option. They provide steady, consistent returns and the best work in difficult times. These properties can be used as a hedge against inflation. Residential property is more than just a roof. The city experiences an influx of professionals looking for work, so residential properties are a great option to rent. Residential properties are also attractive to tenants in densely populated areas like Hyderabad because they are part of the utility sector. Investors have many options for investment in the city market, including residential plots, apartments and villas at affordable prices.

The best locations attract the highest prices because of their connectivity, resources, closeness to the IT hub and infrastructure development. These areas should be considered when investing in residential real property, and they are likely to increase the property's value, which is the main motive for any investment.


Commercial Real Estate

Due to its lucrative returns, commercial real estate is a highly sought-after investment. The investment opportunities are numerous and plentiful, including commercial showrooms, office space, warehouses, data centres, and even offices. Due to Hyderabad's development in many sectors, such as IT and the pharmaceutical industry, Hyderabad's commercial real estate has seen a significant increase.


The location plays an important role in capital appreciation for commercial properties. The property's prime location attracts tenants, which increases the trading and profits. Some places work well for residential and commercial real estate, such as Narsingi. These locations are attractive for commercial property investments and give investors a high return on their investments.

Industrial Real Estate

Although industrial properties are often considered commercial properties, the difference is in the purpose of the property. While commercial properties can be used for many business purposes, industrial properties are specifically for industrial purposes.


Investment options for industrial operations include industrial plots, warehouses, and factory units. Generally, industrial properties are located strategically away from residential areas and close to commercial properties. These properties also provide connectivity and help build trade. Hyderabad is home to many industrial establishments, including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Asian Paints. The high net worth of business transactions means that industrial properties in prime locations such as Cherlapally and Bongulur, Balanagar and Nacharam can bring enormous returns.

 Top Areas to buy properties in Hyderabad

  1. Gachibowli:

Gachibowli is becoming a popular investment area for working professionals due to its easy commute to its hubs. The site is close to civic and social facilities, making it a pleasant place to live. Gachibowli is close to many well-known companies. It also has clean and wide roads. Residents can easily access all city areas from this area, making it convenient and safe. Apartments in Gachibowli are for sale starting at rs.80 lakhs. It is a gated apartment community located close to the big. Families with young children and elderly parents will find the nearest service facility helpful in an emergency.

  1.  Kukatpally

Kukatpally is a preferred real estate destination for more buyers because of its secure connectivity to significant landmarks like schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other businesses. Kukatpally offers spacious, luxurious properties in serene surroundings. All apartments have high-end amenities that allow you to spend time with family and friends in peaceful surroundings. Apartments for Sale in Kukatpally include Korkkanda, Janani, SDS, and Anusha.

  1. Miyapur

 The arrival of the metro has made Miyapur one of the most desirable places in Hyderabad for owning a home. The area is well connected to the metro station and the other regions of the city. There are many apartments for sale in the area. The area is close to many famous schools, colleges and banks. Miyapur properties below 80 lakhs include Srirangam Garden View, SaiSuraksha, coconut Grove Phase 2, platinum pride and sailing.

  1. Kondapur

 Kondapur has grown to be a significant business hub, with many software companies in the vicinity. The area is ideal for professionals in the IT sector to live in. Kondapur offers spacious, luxurious properties that are priced at an affordable price. Many purchase a home here because of its proximity to all the amenities and hubs. Many properties in Kondapur fit your budget, including KathiNivas, elite grace residency and Sri Sai Constructions.

 Pros and cons of investing in Hyderabad


The market in Hyderabad has the best property prices and investment opportunities. The city market has stunning properties at low prices compared to other major cities in the country. The town offers investors a wide range of investment options, which allows them to make profitable investments. Hyderabad is the place to find any real estate investment opportunity, including student housing or co-living.


Although Hyderabad's properties offer a high return on investment, it can be not easy to cash large-ticket assets. This dynamic city is open to trending investments. That means renovating or remodelling your existing properties. This will require a significant expense to remodel and update the property in line with the current trends. The city allows all properties to be accessed by anyone who can pay.

Assetmonk - Investing

Assetmonk helps investors manage their real estate investments. We offer investment opportunities in strategic locations such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, and these are just a few of the reasons investors choose to work with us.


No-hassle investing process

Assetmonk is an online investment platform that lists carefully selected assets online. Investors can choose from a variety of options. To avoid setbacks, our asset managers assist investors through the purchase process. The property search is not a race to the finish.


Ample Investment Opportunities

Assetmonk allows investors to access the real estate market. Investors have many options when it comes to features and investment yields.


High Yielding Investments

High expected IRR yields are possible for the platform's properties, up to 21% in current market conditions. Assetmonk allows investors to make profits on their investments.


Common Questions about Hyderabad Real Estate Investment

  1. What is the best place to invest in Hyderabad?

The best places to invest in Hyderabad include Hafeezpet and Nanakramguda.


2) Is Hyderabad the right place to invest in real property?

The best time to invest is now, as Hyderabad's property prices have fallen due to the economic slowdown and the pandemic. The pandemic will be under control, so the property's price is expected to rise.


3) Is Hyderabad's purchase of a flat an investment?

In a city like Hyderabad, investing in apartments in the process of being built is a smart way to invest. Because of the constant rise in real estate development and the high prices quoted for these developments, this is a smart investment option. If you invest in an unfinished project, you can get a property for a lower price.


4) Which real estate investment is most profitable?

Renting properties is one of the best ways to make money. It provides positive cash flow and a high return on your investment. You can also enjoy capital appreciation, tax benefits, and stable income.

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He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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