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How can you find a trusted real estate broker for buying/ selling/ a Property?

How can you find a trusted real estate broker for buying/ selling/ a Property?


Real estate brokers play a very important role when you plan to buy a home or other properties in Bangalore or all over India. Because we talk about buying a home, it will be a life-changing decision for a common person. One wrong step and all your hard-earned money will vanish. I hope now you understand the importance of a real estate broker.


What you have to Ask before Choosing a Real estate Broker:-


  • How many years of experience does he have?

Some people think if any broker has been in business for years, then he is very experienced in the local real estate market, but in my point of view, that's not true. Before Choosing the broker near your location for Buy/sell/rent property, ask them what he has sold in the last three months & what will be the price trends in local areas. Tell him about your needs and get information about the right choice for you. These are some basic questions you may have to ask them.


  • What's his commission rate?

When we talk about a commission, it is one of the most important factors while choosing the right real estate broker. You have to know how much commission rate he will charge on buying/ selling /renting. By the way, the standard commission is 2% on buying and selling. But in some states of India, it depends on the locality and price of the property.


  • How Much Connected he is?

Connections don't mean how many friends he has. it means how much he is connected in his field. (AKA Real Estate Field) . He has to be well connected with real estate firms.

Reliable and trusted real estate brokers have solid connections with real estate firms, lawyers, photographers and even 

moving companies that you can trust.


  • References always helpful 

Don't overlook this point. Keep the list of recent clients. It's always helpful for you to get quotes about the real estate broker you have chosen for buying/selling. But don't rely too much on these calls.


  • How is he different from other brokers?

If you are looking for your first property from an investment point of view. Then you need to choose an Honest Broker for you. Who will guide you and help you to make the right investment decision? So, it would be best if you asked them these important questions

1) How are you different from other

2) How do they find the right property for me?  

3) What are the services he offers you?


  • What's his marketing plan for you?

You have to know his marketing plan for your property and how he does your property out there, how he will make your property unique from the list of other properties in the market. And if you are a buyer, how will he meet your investment goals? A marketing plan is a point you can't ignore while buying and selling your property. And if you choose the wrong person for you, then this will be the worst decision of your life.


Hiring Checklist for Right Real Estate Broker

   1.  Find Someone Who's full time in this profession

As we know, there are many part-time agents in the market. That's why you have to be aware while choosing; he must be a full-time agent. Who is always available for you. If you are a buyer, find Someone for you Who can show you a variety of homes. Ask them to take you out to see your dream house. If you are not getting the right broker, you can also move towards online options. I have an online Platform called HonestBroker who provides you with Associated verified brokers from your nearby location. As well as you can advertise your property for buy, sell, rent without any advertising fee across all India levels. Here are the steps you have to follow while posting your property for free advertisement.   

2) Go with your gut feelings

While choosing the right real estate broker, you have to check out six points

1) First, you have to check the track records of the broker. How many deals has he closed in the last three months?

2) How well he connected with you.

3) Can you Trust on him

4) Is he passionate and Honest about his Job

5) Is he available for you according to your comfort?

6) At last, Go With gut feeling (when your mind and heart tells you that this is the right person for your Job)  


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