15 must Follow Fruitful Vastu Tips for Home Happiness

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Forces constantly interact on the planet's surface, releasing bio-energy. There are two types of details that are equally positive and negative. When a building is built on the Earth's surface, it comes in between the natural forces. These forces react to the building, which can create positivity and negativity in the house depending on its directions.

These forces are believed to create a happy and peaceful environment for homeowners. When used properly, they can help prevent negative energies from entering a home and enhance its overall prosperity. 

Who doesn't want to be happy and prosperous? 

Everyone wants their family to be happy and prosperous, and from North to West they will go to great lengths to ensure that this is the case. However, many are unaware that Vastu Shastra has a significant impact on the house's happiness and prosperity.

To create an environment of harmony and calm in your home, Vastu compliant home, considers the layout, design, dimensions, and spatial geometrical coordinates. It's one of the features that truly distinguishes your "house" as a "home." Unfavorable energies will never be able to infiltrate such houses if the construction is carried out in accordance with Vastu preferences. The same may be said when moving into a new home. To give the house the profound "Vastu-touch," all it takes is suggestions from a few good Vastu religious leaders and minor rearrangements like north-facing house plans or a west side bedroom. Your prosperous home is no longer a difficult task!

 If you keep your home's Vastu in order, there will be no opposing power in the house, and your happiness and wealth will be preserved. If you want joy and wealth in your household as well, this article will show you how to achieve it.

Must-Follow Vastu tips for Home Happiness

1. House Color According to Vastu Shastra

Colors have a tremendous impact on us. Each color evokes a distinct emotion in each of us. Therefore, they are inherently significant to each house. Here are a few topics as per Vastu: 

A) Kitchen colors as per Vastu: The best kitchen colors as per Vastu are red and orange as the kitchen represents the fire element. As the kitchen color includes bright shades, the color for the kitchen as per Vastu can also be yellow. Warm tones like pink signify love and warmth, while light brown works great as Vastu colors for the kitchen as it signifies satisfaction.

The south-east zone is perfect for kitchens. If there are kitchen cabinets then shades like lemon yellow, orange or green work well as Vastu colors for the kitchen, as they denote freshness, health and positivity. And for the flooring, go for marble, mosaic or ceramic tiles. Light shades like beige, whites or light brown are good kitchen colors as per Vastu for the floor. 

Kitchen slabs as per Vastu recommendations are the best in naturally available stones, which include granite or quartz. The kitchen color as per Vastu should not be too dark so avoid dark gray, brown and black as Vastu colors for the kitchen. Also, blue should be avoided in the kitchen as per Vastu, because blue represents Varuna, the god of water and the kitchen is an area that represents fire.

B) Wall colors as per Vastu: Select wall colors according to Vastu that belong to your favorable planet or lucky number.

Consult a numerologist while choosing Vastu colors for the bedroom. South wall color as per

Vastu should be either red or orange as the south presides over Mars. Green is the preferred north wall color as per Vastu because it presides over planet Mercury.

The north-east direction presides over Jupiter and therefore, colors such as yellow should be preferred for walls in this direction. East wall color as per Vastu is orange as the east presides over the Sun. In the south-east direction, select the color red. West wall color as per Vastu presides over Shani or Saturn and gray color as per Vastu is the perfect color for this corner

C) Children’s room as per Vastu: North-west is the best place for rooms for children who are grown up and go out for study purposes. As the northwest direction presides over the moon, hence, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted with white color, as per Vastu plans for the home. 

D) Study room as per Vastu: As per Vastu's plan for the study room choose colors like light green, blue, cream and white. Light colors make the room look big. Avoid dark colors as they will add negative energy to the space. Lighter shades of gold, yellow, brown and green for your study room, ensure a stable working ambience and enhance productivity

 It is said that Vastu colors for each room have to be decided, based on the direction and the date of birth of the homeowner. So, the south wall color as per Vastu will be different from a north wall color or a west wall color. 

As each direction has a specific color, at times, it may still not suit the owner. Therefore, Homeowners must take extra precautions while choosing dark colors like black, red and pink, as these colors do not suit every person according to Vastu colors for home.”

2. The direction of the Pooja Room: north-east

For proper Vastu compliance, the arrangement of rooms and objects in the correct orientation is crucial. The north-eastern orientation, for example, is significant for spiritual and prosperous growth in the family. Place your Pooja or meditation room at the northeast facing the corner of your home. You will flourish, and all negative energy will be expelled from your home.

3. The flow of positive energy

Bring an aquarium into your home for a positive energy flow. The water is a magnet for good fortune and money. Ensure that your small pets are healthy, active, and always on the go. The fish's constant movement will revitalize the water and bring in a steady stream of positive energy.

4. The number of windows ought to be even as per Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, the house's windows are a source of positive that leads to the house's progress. When the house is built, make sure it has an even number of windows. Even numbers, such as 4, 6, 8, or 10, should be used for the number of windows in the house.

5. Fortune sparkles

Clean door and window glass attract fresh, pleasant energy. If you don't want an aquarium but have the space, make a little garden with equal parts of stones and a small water fountain. The fountain's constantly running water will work the same magic, attracting happiness and wealth.

 6. The Food Factory: Kitchen as per Vastu  

It plays a vital role in the family's relationship and overall wellness. Food brings families together. As a result, keep the sink and gas stove as far apart as possible, as water and fire are opposing energies. They must be kept apart from one another.

7. The Right Way to Go in Your Bedroom

If you are building a house or buying one, you should make sure that the bedroom is in the southwest-facing home corner. Personal relationships would be far more stable and happy as a result of this. This would also greatly improve your prosperity and fortune. The bedroom should be well-lit and vividly coloured at all times.

8. Mirrors should be strategically placed

Ideally, you should hang many mirrors throughout your home. To attract peace, money, and prosperity, you should install a large mirror in the east or north corner of your dining area. This would also provide an adequate pathway for the free flow of optimal positive energy. To understand where you should position the mirrors to attain the optimum benefits in your home, you need to seek advice from a competent Vastu expert or interior designer.

9. Safes & Lockers with a Twist

Place your safes and lockers in the house's earth corner (face west). This will guarantee monetary safety and stability. According to Vastu, all critical documents, depositories, cases, and cupboards should face northeast or north facing house plans our wealth.

10. Make the front door more appealing.

Positive Energy, fortune, and revenue are all attracted to the house through the front door. As a result, make certain that your entrance door is solid and free of cracks or breaks. Also, use door locks that provide security and are not readily jammed. Mirrors should not be placed in the foyer or on the exterior of your front door.

11. Photograph's apt direction: South-West

Photographs of family members should be hung on the south-western wall. To bring in calm, bonding, love, and improve relationships, hang a photo of a family or couple on the southwest wall of your home.

12. Broken or dilapidated pieces should be discarded

It is not a good idea to keep broken items in your home. Even if it's a window, a mirror, or a piece of furniture that's broken, you should get rid of it as quickly as possible. The reason behind this is that shattered objects obstruct the free flow of good energy and repel negative energy.

13. There will be no water for the North and South East.

Water tanks or containers should not be put in the house's northeast or south vastu compliant Vastu corners. It adds to unnecessary tension and contributes to poor health conditions such as severe headaches, chest discomfort, stomach troubles, and mental disorders.

14. The Sun's Radiance is warmly welcomed.

Allow sunlight into your home by opening the entrances and windows in the morning. The Sun represents clarity, optimism, great energy, confidence, and success in Vastu. Mirrors can be placed on the polar side of the window to reflect the Sun's rays throughout the room. The sunlight welcomes money, prosperity, and health into the habitation by propelling the entry of favorable energy into the residence.

15. Bathroom Vastu Aspect 

 The bathroom should be located in the house's south or southwest corner. A bathroom should never be the focal point of your house. Otherwise, your house's energy will be depleted. If your toilet is facing your front door, it will drain all of your home's positive energy. Placing some air-purifying plants in the bathroom is the greatest way to correct Vastu's flaws.

Last Thoughts

These are some general Vastu ideas for your home; however, you should consult an expert before implementing any of them at home.

You must have gotten a good idea from the article about what remedies should be used in the home for happiness and prosperity. As vital as paying other utility bills, doing renovations, and purchasing groceries are, it is also critical that we follow a few simple Vastu principles to ensure the good health of our home and all of the friends and family that live in it. If a home is built according to Vastu principles, the inmates will appreciate all of life's pleasures and vice versa.


One should never expect instant results because the changes that occur in the home result from redresses take some time to absorb. The revival of the place may take some time to recover its capacity to the occupants, and it requires an excellent moment to grant good powers to its occupants. Sudden changes would cause a shock, which is contrary to nature. The longer the Vastu effects last, the more serious the effects for the inhabitants. 

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He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

An enthusiastic content writer who is a law graduate and has been working as Real Estate Consultant for around 9 years.
He has worked with top Real Estate Agencies and Builders in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. His skills to perform market analysis and explore high potential localities has helped many clients in the past.

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